The Denver area is rich in natural resources necessary to the potter's art. Because of this, the region supports many fine craftspeople. The Clay Pigeon first opened its doors in 1970 with the philosophy of bringing quality ceramics to the public and revitalizing the ancient tradition of handmade stoneware and porcelain pottery. It has given area potters support and an enthusiastic outlet for their work.

Owners, Tom and Peggy Forte are dedicated artisans. They are devoted to their ideals and a policy of pleasing their customers. The Clay Pigeon was located in a gallery setting for more than 30 years in the central Denver area. After raising a family and seeing their children graduate from college, Tom and Peggy Forte decided to slow down a bit and close the retail location in 2000. They now focus on private showings of their work by appointments.

Each piece of pottery on this site is made by hand by either Tom or Peggy Forte. The clay used in each piece ranges from coarse-grained stonewares to fine delicate porcelains. They predominately use clays native to the Colorado region and fire in one of two large kilns they have constructed in the kiln yard at the rear of the studio. One of the kilns is fired with natural gas. The other is fired with wood which is split finely and hand stoked constantly for approximately 24 hours.

The glazes are ground, blended and mixed by hand. Like all works of art, each of their shapes, designs, and colors are unique to Tom and Peggy's creative vision.